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It's your money and I'll take care of it.

Tommy understands how to manage money and balance a budget. He did it for 52 years at his restaurants! He believes that Lansing needs to spend our tax dollars efficiently. Tommy will keep the tax rate low to retain more money in our local economies.

Safe neighborhoods - let's keep them great!

Our neighborhoods offer great homes, schools, and a sense of community. Tommy believes we need to set aside funding for additional law enforcement to respond to emergencies in our community and to problem areas within our state. Proactively increasing our available law enforcement teams will help to root-out crime. Additionally, this will protect our families and homes when emergencies arise.

Our future - let's do this together.

We all want the best for our children and we all want a strong future for our community. Tommy wants our children to have the opportunities to open their own businesses and create jobs, in their lifetime. Through Tommy's education pursuits, our children will have the opportunity to learn about Free Enterprise in classroom courses, allowing the next generation to learn about the American dream. Additionally, he believes that mentorship is a key part to giving hope to struggling students and will work to enhance community programs that are partnering with our schools.

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